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With Open Carry just becoming legal in my state, I am _very_ interested in this campaign. I’m fine with concealed carry (that person at least has a minimum requirement of background checks and training), but I will not tolerate open carry of weapons in the places I shop at.

I’m willing to walk out a restaurant, without paying, if someone with a weapon is allowed to enter. The staff is more than welcome to make a scene, but I missed out on a mass shooting in a restaurant by mere minutes when I was overseas. No way am I letting that happen now with a family.

Feel free to unfollow or block me if you don’t agree. If you think this is right, I really don’t want anything to have to do with you anyway…

100 Years after the White War (or Guerra Bianca) between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, relics are being revealed by glacial retreat in the Alps.

Fighting at altitudes up to 12,000 feet (3,600 meters) and in temperatures up to -22 F (-30 C), the Italians and their foes built trenches and entire villages amongst the sparse peaks. 150,000 soldiers died on this front, with only around a third of the deaths due to actual combat.

Article at National Geographic

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